Heirloom Moonshine

Our Heirloom Moonshine is made from a basic recipe handed down from ‘shiner to ‘shiner in the Appalachian foothills.  We use only a few ingredients in our mash; cracked corn and a little flaked barley, sugar and a touch of molasses.  We use water from a mountain spring on Bald Mountain, in the Blue Ridge.  We transport the clear, mountain spring water to our stillhouse, where we put together the mash with a pure whiskey yeast.  We do not use turbo yeast, which provides a quicker fermentation, but not the same tastes.  The fermented mash is then distilled and proofed to 90 proof for bottling.  Our boilers are stainless steel, our still head and condenser all copper, and the distillate only touches glass after leaving the still.  You’ll find no plastic milk jugs here.  Just the simple ingredients that we use, no additives whatsoever, and the great care we take in processing and bottling make our Heirloom Moonshine a straight forward quality spirit, soft and smooth as mountain spring water.