About Rock Bottom

In the summer of 2012, two brothers in Upstate South Carolina decided to try to open a small, craft distillery making authentic appalachian moonshine.  Our emphasis is on quality, not quantity as we are probably one of the “smallest” micro-distillery in the state of South Carolina.

We start with pure mountain spring water, trucked down from a certified spring on Bald Mountain, high in the western North Carolina mountains.  This water, straight from the bedrock of the Blue Ridge, makes some of the finest sipping moonshine that’s crossed our lips.

In our mashes, we use only cracked corn and flaked barley, adding some sugar and molasses along the way to create a fine smooth American spirit, which we bottle at 90 proof and sell in a traditional “Mason” jar.

Our flavored products, from our Apple Pie to our Fruited Moonshines, use only whole fruit or fruit juice, sugar and spices.  No artificial flavors or preservatives.  Our aim is to preserve a little of our local tradition, to hold on to a piece of the past; when everything seemed simpler, and when what was in the jar mattered more than what was on it.